12 ponies of Christmas: read Bourbon’s story

  • On the seventh day of Christmas, H&H and World Horse Welfare gave to me… Bourbon

    Bourbon, the seventh in our “12 ponies of Christmas” series, has been in World Horse Welfare’s care since March 2015.

    The five-year-old mare, who stands about 14.1hh, was found in an emaciated condition in a group of four horses being kept on a patch of land in Norfolk.

    “There were around 30 horses in total being kept on the premises with skeletons of some who had died left there to decompose,” said a World Horse Welfare spokesman.

    “Bourbon was very underweight and quite listless so she needed urgent medical attention on her arrival. Two of the other mares who came in with her gave birth to two healthy foals who are also now in World Horse Welfare’s care.”

    Bourbon before

    Bourbon is looking for a home as a project horse, which means she is a long-term commitment. She needs an experienced and knowledgeable home, with someone who has experience of backing and bringing on, in which she can develop and reach her full potential.

    “Bourbon is a pretty little girl who is very good to handle providing firm boundaries are set and adhered to from the start,” the spokesman said.

    “She is an intelligent pony who is quick to learn and she has a friendly nature.

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    “Bourbon does have the potential to ride or drive in the future, so we are looking for a rehomer with previous experience of backing and bringing on ponies to ride or drive.

    “She currently has poor posture so she will require an extensive physio and groundwork programme in advance of any training to give her the best possible start.

    “Providing Bourbon is given the correct exercise programme on a consistent basis, she should make a lovely little working pony.”

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