25 New Year resolutions for 2003

  • HHO has selected the best 25 New Year’s resolutions from our user’s suggestions to help you get the most out of time spent with your horse.

    1. Organise your life so you have more quality time to spend with your horse
    2. Learn to keep frustrations under control when things don’t go to plan in your schooling sessions
    3. Don’t get involved in yard gossip or add to it
    4. If you are genuinely unhappy at your present livery yard – move
    5. Get your horse’s passport application organised
    6. Wash and repair all rugs at the end of every season
    7. Check your tack for loose stitching every time it’s cleaned
    8. Wash numnah and girths regularly
    9. Get clippers serviced and blades sharpened before next winter
    10. Pull your horse’s mane and tail before itgets too long
    11. Organise a dentist and saddler every six months to check all is well
    12. Never run out of tail detangler
    13. Join a gym or exercise group such as pilates, yoga or aerobics to get fit to ride and increase suppleness and body control
    14. Spend quality time with your horse – don’t just turn up and ride
    15. Be consistent in training and handling – eliminate all “grey” areas
    16. Set yourself a goal of what you want to achieve every time you school
    17. Accept that horses have off days too
    18. Introduce more variety into your horse’s life: such as hacking, jumping, loose schooling, polework and massage
    19. Try out a new horse sport such as western, side saddle, vaulting, polo, polocross or jumpcross
    20. Learn a new equine skill like lungeing, long reining, driving or massage
    21. Spend time watching top trainers and riders to help maintain motivation
    22. Go to new show venues rather than sticking to old favourites
    23. Volunteer to help out at a show at least once a year
    24. Take out a subscription to H&H to ensure you never miss a copy
    25. Give up horses and get a life!

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