New online features offered by The Pony Club

  • The Pony Club has launched a online helpdesk and redesigned website to help improve communications.

    “The helpdesk is both a really useful and topical way to answer our volunteers’ and also our members and parents questions,” said Mary Tuckett, chairman of the Pony Club.

    The helpdesk’s system enables users to raise queries, while there is also a database detailing frequently asked questions.

    The live support system allows users to communicate directly with a helpdesk operator available in office hours.

    The Pony Club’s website has also been redesigned to make it easier to use.

    “We knew that some found the current version hard to navigate,” said Michael Burke, systems developer for the Pony Club.

    He said feedback from focus groups also showed the general design of the website “was a little too young.”

    The new website has been stripped down to seven core sections based around the most “searched for” areas of the site.

    The second stage of the update will further improve search functionality and speed up page loading times.

    The new website is at www.pcuk.org and helpdesk is at help.pcuk.org

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