KP Equestrian expands its range

  • To mark its fifth birthday, Katie Prices label KP Equestrian (KPE) has expanded its range.

    Two new competition jackets have been added — a diamante one and another with pink collar trims. Both jackets have pink double back vents and cost £59.99.

    “I am so proud of what we have all achieved with KP Equestrian,” said Katie.

    “My idea of a range of pink riding t-shirts and hoodies has grown into a really exciting business.”

    KPE  launched a selection of lightweight showjumps last month, in collaboration with showjump manufacturer Poly Jumps — all in the KPE signature pink. The sets start at £249 for a starter pack and go up to £999 for a full training set.

    “Who would have thought when we first started that we’d have horse rugs and bridles, lorries and now showjumps in the collection?” added Katie.

    For more information visit KPEquestrian.com

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