Farriery charity seeks sponsors for its new training institute in India

  • The Flying Anvil Foundation — which provides farriery training in the developing world — has opened its first institute in India.

    The Swiss-based charity was founded by Bernard Duvernay in 2010. He has been teaching farriery in Asia, South America and Central America since 1985.

    Late last year, construction began on the first Flying Anvil farriery school in Rajasthan, north-west India.

    “Thanks to our dear volunteers, our local partners and some of our sponsors, the project is good health,” said Mr Duvernay.

    “But we need more support to assures its well-being,” he added.

    The Flying Anvil Foundation is seeking corporate sponsors to fund its work and recently launched a new website, where people interested in making a donation can find out more about its work.

    “We invite you to participate in this project by making a donation or by sponsoring one of our volunteers during a mission,” said Mr Duvernay.

    “This could be a good opportunity for your company to advertise, since the sponsored volunteer will wear the clothes and logo of your company!”

    For more information on sponsorship, visit:


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