Bransby Horses refreshes name and logo

  • Bransby Home of Rest for Horses is to update its name — and is to be called Bransby Horses.

    As well as the shortened name the charity has also released a new, more modern logo.

    Bransby Horses in Lincolnshire, which has been running for 45 years, took in more than 150 new animals last year.

    “With so many animals coming into our care, almost entirely from situations of cruelty and neglect, the charity’s trustees agreed that we are so much more than a ‘home of rest’,” said Bransby Horses’ Jo Snell.

    “Although in the past, Bransby has occasionally taken on the care of horses because their owners can no longer care for them, increasing demand for its rescue and rehabilitation work means that Bransby now has to reserve available space for welfare cases.”

    Despite the charity’s growth and development, Bransby is still committed to being one of the few equine charities able to offer permanent, caring sanctuary to significant numbers of rescued equines that are older, have incurable health problems or long term behavioural issues.

    “Bransby Horses will always provide a home of rest to those animals that need it, but we hope that our new name conveys how much more the charity achieves,” added Jo.

    For more information visit: www.bransbyhorses.co.uk

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