Bransby Horses opens new visitor and education centre

  • Bransby Horses, the equine welfare charity previously known as Bransby Home of Rest for Horses, has opened a new visitor and education centre

    The centre has free entry and gives visitors the chance to interact with some of the resident rescue horses. The aim is to improve people’s understanding of the issues welfare charities are trying to tackle.

    General manager Jo Snell said: “We hope that our new visitor and education centre will work on many levels to support what we are trying to achieve here at Bransby. Meeting rescued horses and hearing their stories makes welfare work very real for people and will hopefully inspire them to become more involved in helping us achieve even more for animals in need.”

    The centre was developed from existing outbuildings at Bransby’s Lincolnshire site.

    Facilities include a gift shop, café, information area, education room, picnic area and children’s play area. There are paddock walkways through the 300-acre site currently homing 360 ponies, donkeys and mules.
    Entry is free; opening hours 10am-4pm.

    For information, visit www.bransbyhorses.co.uk or tel: 01427 787369

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