Ariat announces new riding boot technology

  • Ariat has launched a new technology for riding boots, which “follows the anatomy of the foot for perfect harmony between boot and wearer”.

    Cobalt VX technology uses a honeycomb shank to “stabilise the foot and promote balance,” said Phil Duff, managing director of Ariat Europe.

    Other features include a cushioned midsole to absorb shock and a moulded heel cradle, to support the arch and heel.

    Ariat claim that the technology can also help reduce lower limb fatigue.

    “The VX are simply the most comfortable boots I have,” said Olympic eventer Mary King. “I feel surefooted in the stirrup and secure in the knowledge that my boots will perform as required.”

    Cobalt VX technology will be used in a number of boots in the Ariat range, including Devon Pro Paddock boots.

    Visit www.ariat-europe.com.

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