Ardall launches new “Pro-Fit” studs

A new type of stud has been launched that promises to save riders time at competitions.

Described as “revolutionary” by its makers, the Irish company Ardall, Pro-Fit studs have no “thread” and therefore do not need to be screwed into the horse’s shoe.

Instead, they fit smoothly into a specially tapered stud hole “with a couple of gentle taps of the Pro-Fit hammer” and are partly held in place by a powerful, in-built magnet.

Paul Murphy, of Ardall, said: “One of the most frustrating jobs has to be fitting studs on horses before competition.

“It’s always been a difficult, awkward task that takes far too long when people are generally under time pressure and horses are on edge. We thought that there has to be a better way and spent many years developing and testing the Ardall Pro-Fit stud, a design which we believe will change the way people stud their horses forever.”

He continued: “The revolutionary, patented design of this new stud allows eight Pro-Fit Studs to be fitted to one horse in less than two minutes.

“In designing the Pro-Fit Stud we not only wanted them to be easy to fit and remove, but we also wanted them to be made to last. Our Pro-Fit studs are made from extremely strong, high tensile stainless steel.”

They were launched at Dublin Horse Show last week, and will be exhibited at Burghley (5-8 September) in the World of the Horse Pavilion.

A video of the Pro-Fit studs being fitted can be seen below

For more information, visit www.ardall.com.

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