Made in Chelsea go hunting

  • The stars of pseudo-reality show Made in Chelsea had the opportunity to show off their equestrian credentials when they spent a day with the South Downs Bloodhounds.

    Made in Chelsea
    Cheska, Binky, Lucy, Louise and Spencer all took to horseback for an episode of the show.

    The hirelings were provided by James Allway and Jon Casemore and behaved impeccably for their TV debuts.

    “Although none had ridden for a while, all the girls were pretty proficient, particularly Cheska and Binky,” said Mia Woodford from the Vintage Tack Room who dressed the stars.

    Made In Chelsea
    Spencer was a little less at home on the back of a horse, although he did look pretty handsome once dressed in his vintage hunt coat and waistcoat.”

    The footage from their day with the South Downs Bloodhounds will be part of the Made in Chelsea Christmas special, which will be show on E4 on tonight (Monday 23 December) at 10pm.

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