Keep Lush protests within the law, urges Countryside Alliance

  • The Countryside Alliance (CA) has urged hunt supporters to keep protests against high street cosmetics chain Lush within the law.

    Members of the public are reported to have knocked over displays and vandalised stores across the country since Lush launched its Fabulous Mrs Fox bubble bar last week.

    Lush hopes sales of the soap in the run up to Boxing Day will raise £50,000 for the Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA).

    CA spokesman Jill Grieve said: ”With repeal of the Hunting Act increasingly likely, it is vital that everyone who supports hunting helps to protect and enhance hunting’s reputation, not discredit it. Legitimate channels of complaint remain the only way to proceed.”

    The bubble bar will be sold in Lush stores until Boxing Day, and customers are being asked to complete a postcard asking their local police force to enforce the Hunting Act.

    A Horseandhound.co.uk forum member added her own poster to a billboard outside the Taunton store, so the sign read “Keep Hunting — For Fox Sake”.

    Others have been swapping anti-hunting leaflets in store with those supporting hunting.

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