Hunting battle heads to Westminster

  • At least 10,000 people are expected to voice their anger at the reintroduction of the Hunting Bill by taking part in tomorrow’s pro-hunting demonstration in Parliament Square, outside the House of Commons.

    The demonstration will begin at 12noon and continue throughout the afternoon and into the evening to coincide with the MPs debate and vote on the Bill and any amendments. Expected amendments include the government’s two-year delay in the implementation of a ban, although motions for shorter or longer delays could also be tabled.

    These amendments will not change the text of the Hunting Bill, but if passed would be sent to the House of Lords along with the Bill. This way the government retains the option to use the Parliament Act, which can only be used on the same Bill that left the Commons last July in the future, if necessary.

    A number of MPs and senior members of the Countryside Alliance (CA) will be speaking to the crowd during the demonstration. Demonstrators will also be able to hear parts of the parliamentary debate, which will be relayed to the public in the square over a tanoy system.

    Hunt supporters are being encouraged to attend wearing green and red clothing and bring hunting horns, whistles and klaxons with them. Placards stating “Fight Prejudice — Fight the Hunting Ban” will be available in Parliament Square. The CA has asked people not to bring animals with them and to help make the event “large, forceful and lawful”.

    Tim Bonner of the Countryside Alliance told HHO: “Targeted, strong and determined protest can have a direct effect on those who are imposing this legislation on us, as recent demonstrations directed at Tony Blair have shown. If we fail to address the people who are attacking us, and upset the people who are showing us support, we will be making a serious mistake.”

    For more details of the demonstration visit: www.countrysidealliance.com

  • Bonfires spelling out the words “NO BAN” were lit around the country last night as a curtain raiser to the CA’s protest in Parliament Square tomorrow.
  • Future protests include a major demonstration outside the Labour Party Conference in Brighton on Tuesday 28 September. There will be no hunting in England or Wales on this date to ensure the maximum possible turnout.
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