Countryside Alliance turns to the Lords

  • A petition has been lodged with the House of Lords by the Countryside Alliance (CA) requesting that the House hears an appeal to the original High Court judgement on the 1949 Parliament Act.

    Although judges at the Court of Appeal rejected the CA’s case, they crucially acknowledged the constitutional significance of the challenge, and supported their argument that the 1949 Act was subordinate legislation.

    John Jackson, CA Chairman oand one of the applicants in the case, said: “This application is a matter of major constitutional importance. A fact that is acknowledged by the Attorney General, who supported our original application for appeal, and considers that this case should be heard by the Lords.”

    The Alliance has often acknowledged that their case stands the best chance of being heard by the Lords, so is still feeling confident their case is a strong one. However, hunt supporters may have to sit tight for some time: when a petition is lodged it can take months to be heard, with some having to wait as long as a year.

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