Calling all hunt supporters

  • Having made guest appearances at Chequers, Henley, CLA Game Fair and the top of Mount Everest, the time has come for Felix the Fox, chairman of FightTheBan, to hold his own high-profile event. A party in London on Wednesday 21 September, hosted by Felix himself, is destined to be a rip-roaring occasion.

    Felix aims to keep hunting in the public spotlight and with the support of his followers, prove to this government that thousands of British people will never accept the Hunting Act. According to Felix, his followers represent “the rural underbelly of this country who will not lie down and accept the Hunting Act”.

    Felix’s notorious symbols of rural defiance, the yellow ‘Fight the Ban’ stickers have gone round Burghley on William Fox-Pitt’s riding hat and Cheltenham racecourse on the skull caps of National Hunt Jockeys.

    Tickets for ‘A Night with Felix’ at Digress City, 1 Ropemaker St cost £10 per person. Visit: http://www.fighttheban.com/picts/FelixLondonParty.pdf to download your invitation.

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