The art of kinesiology

  • Kinesiology practitioner Maddie Thompson from Blackwater, Surrey, explains: “When I visit a horse, I ask the owner to place one hand on its shoulder and, by moving certain muscles, I can detect energy fields in the horse. Their other arm may come out straight and if there is a weakness, as long as they still have one hand on the horse, I may move that arm with one finger, however hard they resist.”

    “For distance healing, I ask for a piece of the horse’s mane as a link between me and the horse.”

    “Kinesiology usually works hand-in-hand with aromatherapy – you use the one to find the problem and the other to treat it.”

    “As well as physical problems such as arthritis, I can look at emotions, behaviour and stress. I also treat a lot of allergies and skin problems. Often people who come to me are at their wits’ end and their vets have given up, which is a shame as I believe we could actually complement the vets’ work.”

    “However much I try to explain it, people are often unprepared for the dramatic effects – one man whose horse had a bad chest infection nearly jumped over the stable door in alarm. I try to lighten the situation, but if they are frightened, it may be better for them to send me some of their horse’s hair.”

    “One of my horses was hit by a car going at 60mph and ended up with her hindlegs on the back seat. It was horrific, she was ripped to shreds and one pastern was floating loose.”

    “She had major surgery, but one of the immediate problems was shock, which can kill. I treated the stress with essential oils and, to the vet’s amazement, she ate and slept well that night. She made a full recovery and is now eventing.”

    “I started doing aromatherapy about 16 years ago and didn’t use it much until my Clydesdale cob went so lame that, after doing bone scans, the vet advised me to retire her. She is now 17 and still hunting. I make my own aromatherapy blends, some of which I sell through Aromacare.”

    “I did a kinesiology course for horses because I was being asked to treat so many. I was quite sceptical at first, but after the course I was totally convinced.”

    “I always ask people forfeedback, and I like their vet to know I am involved.”

    For more information contact Maddie Thompson (tel: 01252 871096).
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