Q&A: Clipping cobs

  • Q: I own a cob that I have shown recently in a cob class, in which he finished fourth. He is a heavyweight cob and when I hog his mane, I always manage to leave clipping lines. I also have difficulty in getting the clippers into his fetlocks to trim them, as the coat is so thick. Can you offer me any helpful advice?

    Leading show producer Lynn Russell replies: . When hogging your cob, I suggest you put some feed on the floor to encourage him to lower his head, which will stretch his neck and allow you a clean sweep down his mane. That way you won’t leave any clipping lines.

    To do his legs, you will probably need to invest in some new clippers. The best ones to buy are powerful, smaller ones. I would recommend the Oster Power Pro cordless clipper from Brookwick Ward which I use on all my cobs. Contact Brookwick Ward (tel: 01592 630052) or visit the website: www.brookwickward.com.

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