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Could this be the dream job — training with Pippa and William Funnell and riding the increasingly successful Billy Stud horses? H&H asks how to go about becoming a stable jockey

How the Billy Stud stable jockeys got the job:

The majority of the Billy Stud stable jockeys jumped on an opportunity when it presented itself rather than answering an advert.

Most heard on the grapevine that the stud was looking for riders, phoned up and were promptly given a week’s trial.

Are stable jockey jobs like gold dust?

On the contrary, William Funnell says he often has vacancies.

None of the current riders has been there much longer than a year, although all said they’re keen to stay for the foreseeable future.

What do you need on your CV?

The previous experience of the current stable jockeys varies from working in small yards to junior international competition.

The Funnells say a key factor is being able to learn from criticism and having the right attitude.

“People get out of it what they put into it,” says Pippa Funnell.

For the full feature on riding for the Billy Stud, see the current issue of Horse & Hound (26 August, ’10)

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