Caring for your veteran

  • Dodson & Horrell has joined forces with the Veteran Horse Society (VHS) and produced a “veteran horse support pack” to help owners of older horses provide the best of care for their equine friends.

    The pack includes expert advice on feeding and management of veteran horses throughout the year, including the role teeth play in an older horse’s welfare, plus a sample of Sixteen Plus feed and £1 voucher off any bag of Dodson & Horrell feed.

    The pack also contains information about the work of the VHS, including an opportunity for owners to join the society with a £5 discount.

    “We regularly get calls from horse owners looking for advice on how to feed elderly veterans, especially those with few teeth,” explains Julianne Aston from the VHS.

    The support pack answers the most frequently asked questions and explains why it’s so important to treat every horses as an individual. It’s packed with crucial advice and information on feeding veteran horses as well as tips on keeping the older horse happy and healthy.”

    Dodson & Horrell’s support of the VHS extends to providing feed and expert nutritional advice for the horses at the society’s headquarters.

    “The VHS is always please to help advise veteran horse owners on caring for their horses, but for expert feeding advice I would contact a nutritional helpline such as Dodson & Horrell’s.”

    For expert feed advice contact Dodson & Horrell’s nutritional helpline (tel: 0870 442 3322).

    To find out more about the work of the Veteran Horse Society visit www.veteran-horse-society.co.uk

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