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  • Q: IN November 2006, I bought a chestnut Welsh section D filly foal. Prior to purchase, I spoke to the breeder in Co Durham, who confirmed that the filly was one of many section D foals. The breeder confirmed that the filly’s registration and passport application would be sent, along with all the others, to the Welsh Pony and Cob Society (WPCS), explaining that it would process the application and return the passport to the breeder, who would then forward it to me.

    Despite inquiries to the WPCS, more than six months later I have still not received registration papers or a passport, and have not been informed whether the filly can be registered as a section D. The WPCS assures me that the application is being dealt with, and that I will be contacted in due course, but I would appreciate any advice.
    HW, Northants

    THE registration process with any breed society can be complicated when several parties are involved, for example, a new owner and a different applicant, such as the breeder. H&H spoke to the WPCS to establish its procedures and shed some light on your case.

    “We advise those registering with the WPCS that the process takes on average three to four weeks, provided that there is little or no follow-up required on the application itself,” says Gian Fazey-Koven, chief officer and secretary of the society.

    “However, there can be any number of reasons why a registration may require additional information and thus will take a little longer.

    “For example: incorrectly completed colour detail and markings; missing signatures; the applicant not being a current member of the society [for pure-bred animals]; the dam is not leased or owned by the breeder; the stallion is not owned by the breeder and a service certificate has not been provided, or the animal’s date of birth has not been included.

    “Each case is different and the time taken to register an animal can increase depending on the complexity of the issues in question, such as those above.

    “Another reason for a delay in processing can be the time of year,” continues Gian.

    “Our studbook closes on 31 December and, while the introduction of passports has meant a more consistent flow of applications during the year, it is still a period when there is a higher volume of applications. We’re working to improve our systems, but a longer turnaround time should be expected between December and March.

    “When we receive the application for registration from an individual, we would then anticipate dealing only with that person to clarify information or pursue any queries about the application. Depending on the circumstances, it may not be possible for us to discuss the case in detail with a new owner without permission from the applicant.

    “However, we will always attempt to make the process of applying for registration as smooth as possible and hope those who do apply are satisfied with the service they receive.

    “Regrettably, I cannot comment on individual cases.”


    Welsh Pony and Cob Society Tel: 01970 617501 www.wpcs.uk.com

    This Q&A was first published in Horse & Hound (26 July, ’07)

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