Ask H&H: equestrian claims on household insurance

  • Q: I’ve heard that someone recently claimed on the pet cover of their household insurance after their horse damaged a car at a show. Is this possible and could you really get adequate cover on a house insurance policy?

    It may be possible to claim under the personal liability cover on a household insurance policy, but Suzy Titcombe of South Essex Insurance Brokers (SEIB) advises that it is far better to rely on the specific cover offered by an equine policy.

    “First, there is no automatic pet insurance on a household policy. It’s something that may be added to a policy for an extra fee. Even then, pet cover is almost always for small animals, such as dogs and cats, and they usually have to be named,” she says.

    Jeremy Lawton of Shearwater Insurance agrees with Suzy, advising horse owners not to rely on a household policy. He says: “In some cases you may be covered for public liability by your household policy, but it’s very important that you speak to your individual insurance company to establish exactly what you are and aren’t covered for.”

    Both experts agree that an equine policy is a far better option, as it can also cover other aspects of horse ownership, such as vet fees.

    “Equine policies are far more extensive and provide a far higher level of cover,” states Jeremy.

    He warns that even if the household insurance covers the damage to someone else’s property, it will not cover the horse if it is injured.

    “You would never achieve the same level of cover from a household policy. By using a specific horse policy you will have the option to cover aspects such as loss of use, death, tack and personal accident should you require it,” he adds.


    South Essex Insurance Brokers Tel: 0845 450 0367 www.seib.co.uk

    Shearwater Insurance Tel: 08700 767666 www.shearwater-insurance.co.uk

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    This Q&A was first published in Horse & Hound (22 February, ’07)

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