How much should I feed?

  • The type of diet you choose can have a marked effect on your horse’s performance, which is why it’s important to weigh up each individual’s requirements.

    To calculate the correct amount of feed:

  • Establish the horse’s bodyweight, using a weigh bridge or weigh tape.

  • Calculate 2% of bodyweight to give total daily amount of food.

  • Divide total ration into concentrates and forage according to workload.

    Below are guidelines for feeding forage and concentrates

    Horses in light work = 75% forage + 25% concentrates

    Horses in moderate work = 60% forage + 40% concentrates.

    Horses in hard work = 50% forage + 50% concentrates

    Horses in intense work = 40% forage + 60 % concentrates

    Remember, it’s important to note that horses can only digest 1.75kgs of concentrates in each feed efficiently and therefore ideally should receive a minimum of three feeds per day if in moderate work or more.

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