Buying a horse: when you get him home

Welcome to the final part of H&H’s ultimate guide to buying a horse, which is packed with useful advice for both first-timers and experienced horse owners

Part seven: Paying for your new horse

So you’ve got your new horse home. It’s an exciting time, but, what if something goes wrong or you’re not quite sure where to start?

Remember that any yard change is going to unsettle a horse, so it is worth trying to keep his routine similar to what he was used to as his previous yard while he gets to know you as his new owner.

  • First things first – if you haven’t done so already, sort out your horse insurance. After the time, effort (and money) which has gone in to finding your perfect equine partner, getting him insured is a wise choice. Take a look through our top tips on chosing the right insurance policy.
  • Let him settle in. Moving from one yard to another is a big change and one that he’ll take time to come accustomed to.
  • Don’t expect too much too soon — set yourself small goals to start with and give you and your horse the necessary praise when you achieve them.
  • Remember taking small steps and building solid foundations will help ensure you have a good future. If you rush at the start, chances are you’ll have to go back and start again at some point in the future — do it properly once.
  • Don’t try anything new with him — yet. The seller will have explained to you what the horse is used to and what he has achieved, so, for the first few months stick to what he knows in terms of exercise, feeding and turnout time.
  • Spend time getting to know him on the ground. Your new horse needs to trust you, just as much as you need to trust him, so take plenty of time on the ground building your trust.
  • If you find you’re facing problems you didn’t expect and don’t feel able to cope with, seek expert advice from your trainer or yard manager.
  • If things are going wrong, don’t be afraid to get in touch with the seller. As they know the horse better than you, they may be able to offer you helpful advice to help resolve any problems you are experiencing before they get out of hand.

Ultimate guide to buying a horse

Good luck with your search for your new horse. We hope our guide will help you to find your perfect horse and establish a great relationship with him.

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