Zara Phillips’ aims for 2015 and why she loves winter [VIDEO]

  • Zara Phillips reveals her aspirations for 2015 — from her hopes for Olympic qualification to finding her next equine star

    Speaking at a photo shoot at Blair Castle in Scotland, home of the 2015 European eventing championships, Zara Phillips reveals her hopes and aspirations for this year — from getting Olympic qualification to finding her next equine star — and talks about why she finds winter riding “peaceful”.

    What are your aims for 2015?

    “My aims and aspirations for this year are Olympic qualification, trying to get the younger horses up to the next level — and seeing if we can find the next top horse — as well as making sure our performance from the World Equestrian Games is improved, and everything is tightened up. And I guess to try and stay at the top level, and be consistent for the whole year.”

    What do you enjoy about winter?

    “As a family we definitely make the most of winter. I enjoy the dry, cold, snowy winters — wrapping up warm, going outside, being in the fresh air, and then it’s always nice to get back inside to a hot, warm fire. Riding in the winter with the horses is more peaceful and the horses seem to love it.

    “Our competitions start in March so we need to keep going through the winter months to get them back into work and get them back training. They need to keep moving and keep their muscles warm so that they’re ready for competition season.”

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    What are your favourite places to ride in the winter?

    “My favourite places to ride in the winter in the UK would be Balmoral in Scotland, Norfolk and at home [at Gatcombe Park] in Gloucestershire.

    “Those places are special I guess because you’re really able to enjoy your rides on the horses and make those winter rides much more fun.”


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