8 times our horses have made us cry

  • As much as we do love them, our horses test our patience, financial independence and even our emotional strength.

    While most of the time they make us smile and laugh, here are eight specific times your horse might have made you cry…

    1. When he stopped at that tiny cross pole

    Who knew a fall so dramatic could happen over a fence so small and insignificant. Well, you now know from first-hand experience. The crash was far too big and the crunch far too loud for a cross pole. This, coupled with a little bit of embarrassment, is the perfect recipe for a few tears.

    2. When his bills roll in

    Sometimes we do wonder (especially during the pandemic when competitions are none existent) why we fork out the hundreds — and sometimes thousands — on the vet, farrier and feed bills for this ungrateful four-legged mud monster who just eats a lot, and consequently, poos a lot.

    3. When you had to say goodbye

    No matter how many times you sell a horse, or let one pass over the rainbow bridge, emotions run high and tears will be shed. Two of the most emotionally charged parts of horse owning which never get easier.

    4. When he stood on your foot

    A yelp, followed by *insert swear word of choice, followed by crying.

    5. When he wouldn’t load

    The shame and embarrassment is just sometimes too much when your horse shows you up in this way at a show. You ask yourself why he decides to do this when you’re parked next to the professionals or a crowd of gawping spectators. When your anger subsides you start to panic; will I ever get him in? Will I have to hack home through the night? Frustrated floods pending.

    6. When you were pulled top and he bucked in his show

    Please, please don’t speak to me for at least 10 minutes when I come out of the ring or I will start bawling.

    7. When you were just so proud of him

    Happy tears, for once! They do happen. A breakthrough moment or a time when he just made you feel so honoured to call him yours.

    8. When you were so close but yet so far

    A gut wrenching occasion where your goals — maybe a competitive dream or a ‘very nearly’ moment — just don’t come off for one reason or another. Sometimes you’ve just got to take a minute and let it all out, before you start all over again.

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