Walk the cross-country course at Burghley *PICTURES*

  • This year’s Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials (3-6 September) promises to be as challenging as ever for competitors.

    Designed by Captain Mark Phillips and built by Philip Herbert and his team, this year’s course runs in the opposite direction to usual.

    We take a look at what the course has in store for the horses and riders who will tackle it on Saturday 5 September.

    The provisional total length of the course is 6,370m with a provisional optimum time of 11 minutes 10 secs.

    Fence 1: Olympic Horseshoe
    Fence 2: Lambert’s Sofa
    Fence 3: Picnic Table
    BURGH CW F3v
    Fence 4ab: Lion Bridge

    View over 4a

    BURGH CW F4v

    Fence 4b
    BURGH CW F4vv
    Fence 5ab: Anniversary Splash “In”
    BURGH CW F5a

    Fence 5b
    BURGH CW F5b
    Fence 6ab, 7: Anniversary Splash “Out” — riders have the option of a step up bounce on the right, bounce of hedges on the left
    BURGH CW F6ab

    Alternative to fence 7 — only possible to jump if riders stop at the direct fence 7
    Fence 8: Slate Mine

    Fence 8: side view
    BURGH CW F8v
    Fence 9, 10: Capability’s Cutting — riders have the option of jumping either the left or right-handed option direct.


    View over right-handed fence 9 to right-handed fence 10
    BURGH CW F9 wide
    BURGH CW F10
    Alternative fence 10
    BURGH CW F10alt
    Fence 11: Rolex Grand Slam Viaduct
    BURGH CW F11
    Fence 12: Winners’ Avenue
    BURGH CW F12
    Side view of fence 12
    BURGH CW F12v
    Fence 13ab: Cottesmore Leap
    BURGH CW F13a
    Side view of 13a with 13b in the background
    BURGH CW F13av

    Alternative 13a
    BURGH CW F13a altFence 13b with alternative 13b in background
    BURGH CW F13b

    Course photos continue below.

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    Fence 14abc: Land Rover Dairy Farm
    BURGH CW F14a
    BURGH CW F14bc
    View of 14bc landing
    BURGH CW F14bcv
    Alternative 14b
    BURGH CW F14b

    Alternative 14c
    BURGH CW F14c
    Fence 15abc: Rolex Combination — direct 15a with b in the background
    Alternative 15a — ditch bounce to rail
    BURGH CW F15lr
    Alternative 15c
    BURGH CW F15c
    Fence 16: Malting’s 360
    BURGH CW F16
    Fence 17ab: Malting’s 360
    BURGH CW F17a
    View from 17a to 17b
    Fence 18: Malting’s 360
    BURGH CW F18
    Side view of fence 18
    BURGH CW F18v
    Fence 19: Captain’s Log
    BURGH CW F19
    Fence 20abcd, 21: Land Rover Trout Hatchery
    View from 20a to 20b
    BURGH CW F20v
    Fence 20b with view to fence 20 c and d
    BURGH CW F20b
    View from fence 20d to 21
    BURGH CW F20cv
    Alternative fence 20d
    BURGH CW F20d
    Fence 21 with alternative in background
    BURGH CW F21
    Fence 22ab: Herbert’s Hollow
    BURGH CW F22a
    View from fence 22a to b
    BURGH CW F22ab
    Fence 23: Thomson’s Wall
    BURGH CW F23
    Fence 24ab: Discovery Valley
    BURGH CW F24ab
    View from fence 24a to b
    BURGH CW F24abv
    Alternative fence 24a
    BURGH CW F24a alt
    Fence 25: Elephant Trap

    BURGH CW F25
    Fence 26ab, 27: Leaf Pit
    BURGH CW F26a
    View from fence 26a to b to 27
    BURGH CW F26abc
    Fence 27
    BURGH CW F27
    Fence 28: Discovery Valley
    BURGH CW F28
    Fence 29abc: Up and Under
    BURGH CW F29a
    Fence 29b
    BURGH CW F29b
    Fence 29c
    BURGH CW F29c
    Fence 30: Flower Frame
    BURGH CW F30
    Fence 31: Land Rover Finale
    BURGH CW F31

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    Don’t miss H&H’s Burghley preview, including a full form guide and a scorecard to fill in for every rider, on sale now (Thursday 27 August 2015), and you can read the full report in next week’s magazine (Thursday 10 September 2015).

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