Naked riders, barmy livery yard rules — and other stories that made you laugh in 2016

  • From horsey stereotypes to the day-to-day struggles we are all too familiar with, check out the humorous articles that have proven to be most popular with Horse & Hound readers during the past 12 months

    1. It’s that time of year again… (when riders get naked for charity)

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    Everyone knows that riders are a gutsy crowd — you need a fair amount of courage to throw yourself over a sizeable hedge or a gaping ditch. But it turns out we’re fairly fearless when it comes to stripping off too. And our pick of charity naked calendars for 2017 proved a hit…

    2. 16 barmy livery yard rules you’ll struggle to believe are true

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    stable stereotypes

    If you keep your horse at a livery yard, you’ll know that the Yard Owner makes the rules, and everyone has to stick to them. Fair enough — unless your YO is completely bonkers. Here are some of the more unusual rules unlucky liveries have had to put up with…

    3. 7 things people say when you have a horse-related injury

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    Charlotte Holden fall falling thrills and spills

    When your horse suffers an injury everyone is queuing up with kind, listening ears and sympathy. But when you suffer a horse-related injury you may find it to be a slightly different story. The following may sound familiar…

    4. 6 dramas that happen at every livery yard

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    Over Achiever - stable stereotype

    If you’ve ever spent time on a livery yard, chances are you’ll have experienced one or more of the following…

    5. Showjumping yard shocked by birth of ‘white’ mule

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    A rare white-coloured mule foal was born at the Hertfordshire-based Greenacres Equestrian much to the surprise of the yard’s owners Di and Pennie Cornish.

    6. 9 things we unquestioningly do, even though, thinking about it, it’s a bit weird

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    Us Brits are sticklers for tradition, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the noble sport of equestrianism. Many of our traditions originated in the British army and on the hunting field, where it was (and is) considered a matter of respect to local landowners for the whole field to be immaculately turned out. But times have changed – should we be moving with them….?

    7. Are you an equestrian terminology expert? Take our quiz to find out

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    stable stereotypes groom

    Call us geeky, but from time to time we like to prove to ourselves that we have our equestrian grammar and terminology under control…

    8. Rate or slate? Vote for your pick from weird and wonderful Rio Olympics trot-up outfits

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    The national uniforms riders have to wear at Olympic trot-ups range from smart to casual, from brilliant to frankly bizarre. You voted for your favourite from this year’s Games

    9. 11 of the most annoying horse things ever

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    stable stereotypes groom

    We all know how rewarding horses are. Don’t we? But let’s address those tiny irritations that these beasties can also bring and ask ourselves why they always have to perversely do the very thing you’re hoping they won’t at the very moment they shouldn’t do it? And how can it be that when you’re in a hurry they — and the kit you’re dealing with — just won’t cooperate? These are a handful of the most niggly everyday irritations that seem to crop up all too often.

    10. 26 of the best (OK, weirdest) horse names we have ever heard

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    Pain In The Derriere - stable stereotype

    From Broomstick the skinny thoroughbred who liked to take off, to the German-bred Kraut, some horse names are so bad, they’re unforgettably good.

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