10 funny stories you need to read from 2014

  • This year (2014) has provided us with some great entertainment. From identifying horsey stereotypes, to walkabout horses appearing in police stations. Or how about the video of a fearless showjumper jumping an enormous track bridle-less? Check out Horse & Hound's top 10...

    1. 15 reasons why mares are better than geldings

    stable stereotypesMares get a fair bit of bad press, so when Sam Griffiths’ mare Paulank Brockagh won Badminton Horse Trials earlier this year, H&H’s Content Director, Sarah Jenkins, took to the keyboard and gave us 15 reasons why mares are the fairer sex in the horseworld. From self-preservation to greater spacial awareness, the advantages can often far outweigh any disadvantages when it comes to teaming up with a mare.

    2. 17 signs you’re dating a horserider

    Badminton Horse Trials Cross country 2010

    Perhaps this is your first date. Perhaps you’re a few dates in but your new significant other is still being slightly coy about their hobbies and interests. Here are some subtle yet key signs that you are in fact going out with a horse owner, from hiding their fingernails to checking the weather forecast several times per day.

    3. 15 signs you’re a horse addict

    stable stereotypes

    On the one hand we are slightly appalled that a great deal of these signs are all too familiar, but on the other we are reassured that we are not the only ones — judging by the success of the page. Does your horse have a considerably larger wardrobe than you? Don’t bat an eyelid at paying the farrier a small fortune for a set of shoes every five weeks? Read on.

    4. Top rider loses bridle but still jumps clear [VIDEO]

    Gregory Wathelet on Conrad
    Imagine it — there you are, on your horse, in a large arena in the middle of Paris, faced with some terrifyingly large jumps. Then your bridle falls off. What would you do? This cool customer carries on as if nothing has happened. Of course.

    5. 12 things horse people say in the office — with translations for non-horsey colleagues
    Liver Yard Person - stable stereotypes

    There are certain things you just can’t expect your colleagues to understand — this handy list will help them to interpret your every mood and need.

    Continued below…

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    6. 21 ways horses change you forever
    A fall in the water jump

    There’s nothing wrong with asking if your pregnant friends have foaled yet or patting your car, right?

    7. 15 things you can only say in the horseworldstable stereotypes

    You know you’ve been spending too much time with your horsey friends when you forget to clarify in normal conversation that your love of thrusters, whips and spurs is all in relation to horses…

    8. 9 types of people you’ll find on a livery yard
    Over horsed - stable stereotypes

    There are certain types of people that seem to crop up on every livery yard — from the know it all to the pushy parent. How many do you recognise from this list?

    9. Horse walks into a police station [VIDEO]

    Screen shot 2014-10-09 at 17.55.41
    It sounds a lot like the first line of a bad joke.Horses have been known to escape into fields, fall into swimming pools, get stuck in bogs and climb over partitions in lorries, but not to walk into a police station.

    10. 10 reasons to date an event rider, plus 10 resons to avoid us at all costs

    Having an understanding husband has allowed Lottie to combine eventing, working and marriage

    Hat hair, no summer holidays and a lot of dogs are perhaps reasons not to date an event rider. On the other hand, they know how to party, have strong legs and are well practised at coping with disappointment.

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