Careers week: 6 tips to help you get a job in the equestrian industry

  • How do you give yourself the edge in a hugely competitive jobs market? Whether you are looking for an office-based job or one where you’ll spend the majority of your time outdoors, there are several things to remember if you want to get yourself ahead of the rest of the field.

    Here we give you the inside scoop on how to stand out to your potential new employer for all of the right reasons.

    1. Ensure you have the correct skills and experience before applying for the job

    “Make sure you can tick at least seven of the 10 boxes on the job advert before you apply — not just two,” says Thekla Blackmore,  owner of private dressage yard Hooze Farm.

    2. Do your research

    Read the company’s website and ensure you attend the interview as knowledgeable as possible.

    “It’s so easy to research these days and it looks bad if you are not informed,” says Simon Middleton, managing director of Zebra Products Ltd.

    3. Know your application

    Reread your CV or application form and the job advert before attending the interview so you are familiar with what you said and the brief.

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    4. Dress smartly and appropriately

    “First impressions really count, especially if it is for a customer facing role,” says Simon Middleton.

    5. Stay focused throughout the whole interview process, particularly if there are several elements to it

    “Several interviewees didn’t take the tour or the lunch part of the process seriously enough, which is when people let themselves down,” reasons Alex Robinson-Barr at Bicton College.

    6. Ask questions

    Not only in the interview, but also during a tour or lunch — or any other part of the interview process.

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