Time to train: 6 clinics you can’t afford to miss out on with your horse

  • If you’re striving to improve both your horse and your riding, take a look at this great selection of clinics on offer to a wide range of abilities

    Showjumping clinic

    Date: 19 June
    Venue: Beaver Hall, Leek
    Details: “Vicky Bentley is on the British Horse Society register of instructors. UKCC Level 2, and working towards level 3. Vicky has 17 years of coaching experience and has trained with top riders. She has been British Eventing (BE) eventing for eight years with numerous top 10 placings. She also trains horses for other people. These lessons are great for new combinations, starting young horses or just for building your confidence. All ages and levels catered for.”
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    Jason’s surgery

    Date: 22 June
    Venue: Your Horsemanship, Kent
    Details: “Jason Webb opens his doors for the afternoon to run ‘Jason’s Surgery’ consisting of a series of one-to-one coaching sessions. Jason can cover anything from ground to ridden work and overcoming problems. Common reasons you might attend a surgery include help to overcome ridden and ground work problems such as bucking, rearing, bolting, mounting, clipping, and much more. Or you might be a professional rider wanting private tuition.”
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    Polework clinic

    Date: 25 June
    Venue: Speedgate Farm, Longfield
    Details: “Specialising in dressage and flatwork, Julia offers teaching to all ages, from novice to advanced. She is kind and sympathetic in her approach, making her a popular choice for riders and horses that are lacking in confidence or experience. This clinic is aimed at riders looking for more suppleness in their flatwork and who are wanting to learn new exercises to help their horses to become more supple and round.”
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    JumpCross training day

    Date: 25 June
    Venue: Priory Court Farm, Polegate
    Details: “This is your chance to practise water, steps, banks and other cross-country obstacles. Private or group lessons available.”
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    Evening cross-country training

    Date: 29 June
    Venue: Avonside Cross-country Training Venue, Airdrie
    Details: “Cross-country training over a variety of obstacles, suitable for beginners, young horses, new combinations and anyone wishing to improve their skills. Lisa Smith is a competent event rider and trainer.”
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    Position Precision

    Date: 2 July
    Venue: Bassett’s Manor, Hartfield
    Details: “The Position Precision workshops came about via a conversation between two friends who share a passion for helping people to use their body better and to move effortlessly. After a quick warm up on the mechanical horse, your position will be assessed and priority areas which need work agreed. Kerry will then take you onto the couch for soft tissue work to free areas of tightness, encouraging your body to perform at its optimal level. You’ll then have a lesson on the mechanical horses to continue the progression of your position leaving you with real points you can take away and use in your everyday riding.”
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