Tim Stockdale and William Whitaker’s top tips on how to jump clear

  • We’ve teamed up with some of the country’s leading riders and asked them to share with you some exclusive tips, helping you to solve those common problems we all encounter over the coloured poles. Here, Tim Stockdale (pictured) and William Whitaker share some of their pearls of wisdom.

    1. “Remember that speed does not show confidence, it shows anxiety. If your horse starts speeding up over fillers, take it back a step.”

    Tim Stockdale reveals his thoughts on introducing young horses to fillers

    2. “My dad used to say to me, ‘How can you see a stride if you’re not looking at the jump?’ So start looking ahead at your next fence the moment you land from the previous one.”

    William Whitaker on improving your ability to see a stride.

    2. “I tell my pupils to think of an oxer as a vertical with a back rail, which dulls down the rider-frightener effect of the oxer, and hopefully prevents the rider from over-riding and disrupting the rhythm.”

    Tim Stockdale’s advice on approaching an oxer as opposed to a vertical on course

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    3. “My groom Benoit videos all my rounds so I can watch them back afterwards. It’s a really useful tool being able to analyse your performance, as you can see if there are things you or your horse are doing wrong and correct them, such as being unbalanced or jumping to one side, which can all affect your horse’s ability to cleanly clear a fence.”

    Even William Whitaker knows there’s always room for improvement!


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