9 thoughts all grassroots eventers have when they view their competition pictures

  • We all know it’s a highlight of the day — whether you’ve won or come 32nd, it’s a ritual at every competition to pop to the trailer of the on-site photographer and check out your snaps. Who doesn’t like a lovely souvenir of a day out with your horse?

    You scroll through — is that me? No, that’s another grey. Ah, there’s the girl who went just ahead of me, I must be next. The moment of expectation… what are they like?

    Here are nine thoughts we’ve all had at some point when viewing our photos…

    1. Is my lower leg position really that bad?

    2. Ooops, it’s a pity the photographer was at the one fence on course where I got too close and my poor horse had to make a really awkward jump to get his knees out the way.

    3. Do I always make that terrible grimace/stick out my tongue/look like I’m being tortured when I jump?

    4. Ah look how cute my horse is! Look at his little face! Look at his little pricked ears! I want to buy all these photos!

    5. My legs look a bit chubby. Where’s that diet book?

    6. Actually, my horse looks a bit chubby too. Sorry pony, it’s starvation time for us both…

    7. Ooh, I’ve always wanted a picture over a corner/water/drop/trakhener. I really hope mine’s as good as that one (scroll, scroll, scroll). Oh. Oh well, there’s always another day…

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    8. Why didn’t I tuck in that flappy stirrup leather/strap end on the bridle?

    9. You just can’t tell the full picture from a photo, can you? I mean, he felt amazing and I thought I was riding like Piggy French… Maybe the video looks better.

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