Are you a self-confessed equestrian geek? Take our quiz to find out

  • Do your friends mock you for being a horse sport anorak? Have you always wondered how good your equestrian knowledge really is? Take a look at the pictures below from 2014 and tell us what happened next.


    1. In the puissance at Olympia David Simpson and Richi Rich III…

    David Simpson
    a) Knocked a block
    b) Tripped on landing and had a crashing fall
    c) Soared to victory

    2. After Koyuna Sun Set performs the splits for eventer Wendy Schaeffer on the Derby Bank they…

    Wendy Schaeffer
    a) Carried on to win the competition
    b) Wendy’s glasses flew off
    c) They parted company

    3. Qatari showjumper Bassem Hassan Mohammed showed some impressive balancing skills at the 2014 Longines Global Championships Tour of Cascais and…

    Bassem Hassan Mohammed on Victoria
    a) Knocked the last fence
    b) Lost control and crashed into the next fence
    c) Had a clear round

    4. Bertram Allen in the King George V Gold Cup at Hickstead….

    a) Knocked this fence
    b) Finished second
    c) Tripped on landing and took a tumble


    5. In the CCI3* at Blenheim Palace Horse Trials in September, William Fox-Pitt and Freddie Mac…

    Freddie Mac
    a) Tipped a fence on the final line to miss the top spot
    b) An umbrella flew into the arena, spooking Freddie Mac
    c) Jumped clear to secure the title

    6. Bay My Hero causes some excitement at Burghley CCI4* in the first horse inspection and proceeded to…

    Burghley 2014 1st Trot
    a) Fall over backwards
    b) Take fourth place
    c) Get eliminated in the cross-country phase


    7. In the grand prix special at the World Equestrian Games in Normandy, German dressage rider Kristina Sprehe and Desperados…

    a) Bucked coming down the centre line
    b) Won a bronze medal
    c) Spooked and reared at a flag in the crowd

    How many did you get right?

    1. Answer: c

    2. Answer: c

    3. Answer: c

    4. Answer: b

    5. Answer: a

    6. Answer: b

    7. Answer: b


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