3 festive treats you can make for your horse

  • While you gorge on mince pies, turkey and over-sized tins of chocolates this Christmas — spare a thought for your horses. Hay and cool mix aren’t quite as conducive to festive cheer. Make Christmas 2013 one they won’t forget with one of these tasty treats from H&H forum user Theresa_F.

    1. Christmas cake
    500g of dark brown sugar, 1 mug of bran, 2 mugs of chaff, 1 apple, 1 big carrot grated, 1 small tin of black treacle and a mug of whatever mix you use.

    Heat up the sugar and treacle until melted and then stir in the rest of the ingredients. You may need to add a little more chaff or bran so it is very thick. Put it into a container and leave to set. Feed with care to horses with sugar intolerance.

    2. Horse-friendly candy
    Melt 1 can of black treacle and 500g of dark brown sugar and pour into little containers for tongue twisters. You’ll have brown sticky noses but they adore them.

    3. Toffee apples and carrots
    Slices of apple and long strips of carrot dipped into toffee.

    To make the toffee:
    200g sugar, 55ml of water, 15g of butter, 1 tablespoon of golden syrup. Heat the sugar and water until melted, add the butter and syrup and then boil.

    Dip the carrots and apples into the toffee and put on baking parchment until hard. (These ones are tasty for humans too.)

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