A cuddly escapologist: meet Royal Windsor’s M&M supreme in hand champion Broughton Morwena

  • Mares were victorious in the Land Rover Mountain and Moorland supreme in hand championship at Royal Windsor Horse Show today (13 May).

    The championship was taken by 11-year-old mare Broughton Morwena on her first time into Royal Windsor Horse Show’s prestigious Castle Arena.

    After winning the Welsh Section D championship this morning, she faced tough competition from 11 other M&M title holders in the supreme.

    In reserve was The Queen’s fell pony mare, Murthwaite Dawn Chorus.

    The win tops last year’s result here for Broughton Morwena, where she was reserve in the Welsh Cob Section D section.

    H&H caught up with owner Lesley Evans and handler Joe Smith to find out more about “Wena” and how the newly crowned supreme champion is produced.

    Broughton Morwena: 10 facts about the Welsh cob mare

    1. Lesley bought the mare as a foal in 2005 from the Broughton Stud near Aylesbury

    2. She also competes in ridden classes

    3. Lesley described Wena’s temperament as “superb”. “You can do absolutely anything with her,” she added. (Although she is not a huge fan of having her rugs changed.)

    4. Wena has a final clip in January to help her summer coat come through ready for the showing season

    5. This also helps keep her cool as she has “plenty of exercise” to prepare her for shows

    6. The mare is a bit of an “escapologist” and likes to escape from her controlled-grazing paddock

    7. Lots of grooming and hot baths – no chilly hosepipes – are the key to ensuring her coat is gleaming for the judges

    8. Her feeding is a closely guarded secret

    9. Despite the recent wet weather, Wena has kept very clean. Joe said having no white leg markings helped; Lesley admitted to touching up a spec of mud on a foot with a little hoof oil

    10. Her breeder – David Smith – is entrusted to keeping her tail looking perfect. “She has a very big, bushy tail. He is a Welsh Cob breeder and knows the proper way of doing it,” added Lesley.

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