Check out these real-life (and super cute) Thelwell impersonators

  • The famous Thelwell cartoons are synonymous with the image of young riders aboard their hairy, mischievous ponies across the country. Here is a selection of our favourite pictures sent in by H&H readers...

    ‘Just having a nap Dad’

    Shetland pony Rosa takes the opportunity to grab a few winks under her young jockey Sean.

    Happy hacking

    One youngster enjoys a stroll aboard a pony from the Shetland Pony Club in Surrey.

    Who is in charge here?

    Callie Cromarty Hamilton, aged 23 months, leads her stallion Shetland pony, Wells Extra Special

    Sit tight!

    Five-year-old Finlay holds tight while jumping his 16-year-old pony Beckham.

     Look, no hands!

    Youngster Poppy shows off her no reins skills with her pony Sinbad.

    Taking a flyer

    One young rider races over the showjumps jockey-style with his pony.

    One giant kick

    Chloe keeps kicking round a course of jumps with her pony Penny.

    Tiring work

    Five-year-old Molly Clark takes some time out on her very understanding pony Rolo.

    Quite the picture

    This young jockey looks the part on his Shetland in the show ring.

    A top team

    Three-year-old Rosie looks a natural aboard her coloured Shetland pony Danny.

    Help me out

    Belle the Shetland pony helps out her young rider during gymkhana games.

    Little and large

    One young hunt follower and Shetland pony Fluff look undeterred despite their companion’s difference in size.

    A quick snack

    Four-year-old John Goulding’s mini mount Spirit stops for a cheeky snack.

    Who needs a bridle?

    Phoenix Beaumont, aged 20 months, and Top Tottie enjoy each other’s company.


    Emmie Sheriff-Blay and her pony Scruff (left) make time for a (non-alcoholic) tipple.

    A day at the seaside

    Young Toby makes a valiant attempt to get his pony to join him for a paddle in the sea, but Pedro thinks he’s safer on dry land.

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