Preparing for a job interview

  • The word “interview” can strike fear into even the most confident person. But you can make the experience less stressful and improve your chances of being offered the position by doing the right preparation.

    Interview tips

    • The secret of a successful interview lies in preparation, so spend time on your research before the big day
    • Find out about the employer via websites, word of mouth and press
    • Make sure you know the location, time of interview, who you will be seeing and how long it will take to get there
    • Find out what the interview will involve
    • Make sure you are comfortable in your interview outfit in advance and that everything is clean and in good repair
    • Clothing suitable for a BHS exam is appropriate for an interview at a yard
    • Keep accessories, perfume and make-up to a minimum
    • Be aware whether any positions advertised require a phone call rather than a written application before an interview in person. You will need to be able to impress and sell your skills verbally

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    • The interview is the last chance to secure the job. First impressions are important and appearance and body language count
    • Maintain good posture, speak confidently, clearly and do not fidget. Smile and maintain eye contact and give a confident handshake
    • If you don’t understand a question, ask for an explanation. Be truthful if you really don’t know the answer
    • Don’t answer with yes or no, always explain your answers and use relevant examples as back-up
    • Come prepared with questions — find out the number of horses on the yard and their use. Ask about facilities and accommodation, opportunities to learn, ride, and compete. You could enquire about the local area — where is the nearest shop and how accessible is public transport. Find out exactly what the salary does/does not include — meals, rent, bills, tuition, livery of own horse, pets, use of car/petrol/insurance
    • Don’t condemn your previous employers
    • As well as the potential employer finding out about you, the interview is a chance for you to find out if the job and employer live up to your expectations
    • Take the opportunity to look around and speak to current employees if possible. You will quickly work out whether it is the right place for you. The look of the yard will tell you a lot

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