Take a virtual walk of the five-star Luhmühlen Horse Trials cross-country course

  • Now in his third year as the Longines CCI5* Luhmühlen Horse Trials cross-country course designer, Mike Etherington-Smith has set out a technical and challenging track for this year’s competitors (13—16 June 2019).

    The course is run over 6,398m and has an optimum time of 11min 14sec. There are 30 numbered fences and 45 jumping efforts.

    Mike said: “The course is a mix of big, bold, stand-alone fences, angled fences, corners, drops, and skinnies and will hopefully provide a suitable all-round test, physically and mentally, of horse and athlete.”

    With the first combination due on-course tomorrow morning (15 June) at 9.15am (BST), let’s take a look around the track…

    Fence one: Aufrakt der Sparkasse Harburg-Buxtehude

    Fence two: Rathaus

    Fence three: Fledermaushotel

    Fence four: Trakehner

    Fence five AB: Charles Owen Royal Works

    Fence six ABC: Luhmühlens Wasserspiele

    Alternative six C

    Fence seven: Luhmühlens Wasserspiele

    Fence eight AB: Luhmühlens Wasserspiele

    Alternative 8B

    Fence nine: Holzstoß

    Fence 10: Hof Sudermühlens Jagdszene

    Fence 11 ABC: Heiners Wellenbahn

    Fences 12 and 13: Horseware Jump

    Fence 14 ABC: LVM Am Waldrand

    Fence 15: Hof Sudermühlens Jagdszene

    Fences 16, 17 and 18 AB: Meßmer Teich

    Alternative 17

    Alternative 18B

    Fence 19: Tisch

    Fence 20 AB: Manzke Kombination

    Fence 21 ABC: Longines Kombination

    Fence 22: Gärtnerei Wredes Rennbahnsprung


    Fence 23: Luhmühlens EM Brücke

    Fence 24 AB: Auf dem Trainingsplatz

    Fence 25, 26 and 27 AB: Longines Wasser

    Fence 28: Voltaire Vogelnest

    Fence 29 AB: Cottages

    Fence 30: Longines Final Jump

    Don’t miss the full report from Luhmühlen in the 20 June issue of Horse & Hound magazine

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