8 times outstanding livery yard owners went above and beyond

  • Some livery yard owners really do go above and beyond the call of duty for their clients and their horses. We asked you to give us some examples of outstanding livery yard performance and here’s what you came up with…

    1. It’s as if your horse was theirs

    “Juliet Francis of Gunns Farm Livery, Ipswich looks after all the horses like they were her own. She has often gone above and beyond her remit to help livery owners” — Ann Williams

    2. Top carers in your time of need

    “Terri Hill of Terri Hill Livery went above and beyond to help my pony Amber who was only at her yard for three weeks before she was injured while out in the field — a broken leg coupled with toxic shock, colitis, salmonella, an infection and then toxic shock again. She was very sick. I was also new to the area (Bristol) and Terri went above and beyond to help my pony that only had a 10% chance of survival.

    “Terri took on the challenge of nursing Amber herself as we couldn’t afford the isolation unit at our equine veterinary clinic. This involved changing the drip bags every four hours for around two weeks. Terri was up every four hours throughout the night and day to monitor Amber.

    “I can’t even begin to describe all of the details and tasks Terri underwent without us ever having to ask — she saved my pony’s life and now I still have my best friend two years on from the incident. I’ve never met such a hard working individual who always puts the welfare of her clients’ horses above everything else — it’s truly astonishing” — Katy Dixon

    3. Yard maintenance like no other

    “Totney Wick Livery yard, Somerset, owned by Richard and Penny Weight was fantastic. The yard was beautiful and Penny ran it to the highest standards. The horses had year-round turnout on lovely grazing, yet I would always find my horse Nia clean and dry in her spotless stable when I arrived after work, so all I had to do was tack up and ride. An absolute godsend in the winter when you work full-time!

    “Penny did countless other things that went above and beyond the call of duty. My only regret is not telling her just how much we did appreciate her. Tragically Penny passed away earlier this year, taken from us far too soon. Thank you to Richard for allowing me to write about Penny” — Jen Unwin

    4. Help and training

    “Our yard owner, Keely Harrison of Lower Brenchley Farm, Kent, is the best ever. When we go to events she is on the yard early (sometimes before 5am) to bring in the horses early and wash/plait for shows and hunting. She comes out to support and encourage and is always thinking about us” — Dr Louisa Whittaker

    5. Friendly faces

    “From being up throughout the night checking my horse hourly when he wasn’t well to coming with us to our first affiliated British Dressage competition, our livery yard owner, Laura Clark of EquiSalus, Leicestershire is not only my horses carer but a friend too” — Jade Ormandy

    6. Immaculate stable management

    “I am fortunate enough to keep my horse on a yard with an exceptionally wonderful yard owner, Chantal Sparrow, proprietor of Eastmere Stables, Fontwell. It’s a lovely, friendly yard. There are rules, but they are very much common sense, and ensure the safety and comfort of owner and horse. The yard, stables, tack room, storage areas and facilities are kept immaculately. Nothing is too much trouble including OCD-level beds and multiple rug changes a day” — Helen Yeo

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    7. Flexible

    “Shelley Brooks Langdale Farm, Essex, always goes above and beyond. No task is too much and at the drop of a hat when you need to say ‘I can’t get down’ you never have to worry about your horse as they will always be done as if they were her own. For such a busy lady she will always put herself out to help” — Emma Carpenter

    8. Trust

    “SIM Equestrian, Reading, run by Stacey Donnison and her grooms is amazing. Your horse comes first every time and the care is 110%. They listen to the owners and horses and I can relax knowing my horse is at a yard that will look after him and not just take money and not provide any service” — Amanda Howell

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