Laura Tomlinson: ‘I have been known to fall asleep in an elevator with my medals on’ *VIDEO*

  • If you've always wondered what dressage supremo Laura Tomlinson's guilty pleasure is, who she likes letting her hair down with and the best after show parties she's been to are, then you need to watch this video...

    What’s your dream holiday destination?

    It’s definitely Kenya, my favourite place to go.

    Who were your horsey heroes as a child?

    Probably my first horsey heroes would have been John Whitaker and Milton.

    What are you listening to at the moment?

    The main person that I’m listening to that’s new and current would be Ed Sheeran — but I do have a guilty pleasure in Taylor Swift.

    Tack cleaning or mucking out?

    I would rather clean tack than muck out, because you can drink coffee at the same time!

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    Who do you let your hair down with?

    I let my hair down with my brothers and my old school and uni friends. I have quite a good group of friends who are still relatively local. Although recently [with my one-year-old daughter] the idea of going to bed early trumps letting my hair down…

    What is the best after party you’ve been to?

    The best after parties I’ve been to are probably the spontaneous ones at a championship when you’re finished — and especially if you’ve won medals — and it just develops into a party without it being particularly planned. I have been known to fall asleep in an elevator with medals around my neck, hairnet still on, going up and down by myself.

    What’s your lucky mascot?

    My Irish terrier Sherlock is probably my lucky mascot but I try not to be too superstitious because I think you’re setting yourself up for ‘bad luck’!

    What is the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

    There are two scary things I’ve which are on a par — one is going up in a hot air balloon and the other is going down the Olympic bobsleigh run in St Moritz in Switzerland.

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