Celebrating HOYS supreme horses of the year: 2003-2019

To celebrate the careers of the top showing horses for the past 17 years, we look back through the H&H picture archives at HOYS supreme horses of the year, including this year’s winner

Congratulations to Jayne Ross, who collected her seventh HOYS supreme horse of the year title in 2019, this time with Jill Marsden’s impeccable heavyweight hunter Twinshock Warrior who never missed a beat during the preliminary judging, where Jayne made use of his free paces and accelerating gallop.

About HOYS supreme horse of the year

HOYS (Horse of the Year Show) and the Royal International Horse Show are the two shows that all showing competitors aspire to qualify for. With qualifiers held around the country, only the best horses in the country collect an all-important ticket that allows them to compete in Birmingham.

Once a horse has qualified, their rider then has to produce them ready for the big day so they can beat the best horses in their class from around the country. Many horses struggle with the unique HOYS atmosphere and it’s a huge challenge for producers to have a horse sparkling in front of the judges without boiling over.

The lucky few who do win their class, and go on to be stand champion, will get the opportunity to go forwards to the prestigious overall championship to be crowned HOYS supreme horse of the year on Sunday.

HOYS supreme horse of the year hall of fame