Have we found an equine Wayne Rooney? [VIDEOS]

  • It’s a well-known fact that horses love carrots, grass, hay — anything edible will do.

    But move aside Ronaldo, look out Messi and take a seat on the bench Suarez because horses also apparently love balls as the following fun-loving, four-legged, wannabe Rooney’s demonstrate.

    Prepare to be amazed by their dribbling skills. Sadly they haven’t mastered ‘keepy-uppies’ just yet, but we’re sure it won’t be long looking at their dedication to master the game.

    Einstein is no fool

    Get out of the way goat and dog, miniature stallion Einstein is coming through with his ball and he’s stopping for nobody! Stay tuned for the well-balanced goat at the end.

     Beau and the ball bigger than him

    This adorable little chap is here filmed as a foal having a whale of a time with his new toy. Beau is a miniature colt but obviously isn’t scared of the yellow ball which is of a similar size to the pint-sized pony.

    Flying the flag for Norway

    This guy has some impressive dribbling skills up his sleeve and he’s very speedy which could stand him in good stead on the pitch. It would also appear he is trying to impress the lady in the field next door — smooth.

    The exuberant Henry Kapono

    Here we have six-month-old Henry Kapono, a miniature colt with a serious buck on him. If a career in football doesn’t work out for him, he is destined to be a therapy pony.

    Mojito plays for the first time

    It’s great to see Mojito take on a ball for the first time. After a nervy start, he well and truly masters the art by the end. His friends were having non of it though and kept well out of the way.

    Foals give it a go

    These little fellas haven’t quite got the hang of sharing just yet — they love the ball so much neither of them wants to lose it!

    Join in!

    Here we have Danny Boy who is just begging for his friends to play with him. What a character.

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