7 ‘meals’ most horse riders will have eaten at some point

  • Equestrians are some of the most adaptable people in the world and when it comes to finding things to eat in times of need we’re pretty good at thinking outside of the box.

    Long days at the yard, horsebox journeys across the country under strict time constraints and consecutive days spent camping at rural competition venues (while not in lockdown), mean that tucking into a nutritious home-cooked meal isn’t always possible.

    Here are seven food combinations most riders will have classed as a ‘meal’ at some point in time…

    1. Service station fast food

    Picture the scene. You’re on the way back from a show, your class ran over by several hours and you ended up bottom of the line. You’ve lost track of time and suddenly realise you’ve not eaten since breakfast. You choose to drown your sorrows in a greasy, overpriced meal from a service station fast-food outlet.

    2. Anything out of date

    Our hardy immune systems mean “best before” dates aren’t too much of a concern to us. If it passes the smell test or the five — or maybe 10 — second rule, it’s good to go. If you look hard enough, there will always be a forgotten bar or packet of something from a few years ago that will do the trick.

    3. Prosecco (for breakfast)

    Whether celebrating or commiserating on competition day, when you’ve been awake since 4am, a fizzy tipple at 10am is perfectly acceptable. It’s 6pm somewhere, right? Just make sure you pack some non-alcoholic bubbles for the designated lorry driver.

    4. Apples and carrots

    When you’ve forgotten your lunch and you’re spending the whole day at the yard, your horse’s fruit and veggie stash can come in as a very handy (and nutritious) snack to keep you going.

    5. Polos or mints

    One for him, one for me, and so on.

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    6. Toasties

    A staple at most shows. Bread and melted cheese, you can’t go wrong.

    7. Home-made baking

    If you pick your grooms wisely, you can make sure you’re stocked up with some tasty home-made treats, courtesy of them, to keep you fuelled throughout the day while rushing around at a show. Cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner; sounds like a winner to us.

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