New rides, health kicks and serious glamour… what you need to know from Glock’s CSI5*

  • The Glock’s tagline is “stars and horses” — and the reality more than lived up to the hype. With more than a third of the top 100 ranked riders competing, some of the best horses in the world and an astounding result in the grand prix, the quality of competition was super hot.

    Evening performances came from none other than Robbie Williams, Lionel Richie and Mariah Carey and rumoured A-listers there included Ed Westwick, Joan Collins and Dame Shirley Bassey.

    Here’s a few things H&H learnt at the five-star showjumping show this week…

    It is breathtaking…

    Each show has a different theme, this summer it was Scotland and Ireland

    The CSI5* grand prix was fierce…

    Switzerland’s Steve Guerdat and Martin Fuchs shared the top spot in the feature class in a feat made all the more astonishing by the story behind it.

    Cian O’Connor has been on a health kick since tearing his abductor longus off the bone in his groin six weeks ago…

    “Since my injury I have taken on a fitness coach because I am very disciplined with my horses, but I am a little bit weaker with my eating and habits,” he said, adding he has lost over 6kg.

    “Over the past two months I have changed my lifestyle in terms of my diet and my exercise and I have probably never won as much in a month so I’ll probably have to stick at it.

    “It was very easy to fix my diet because everything I did, I just do the opposite. Coca-cola, bread, butter, all the bad stuff I love, I just cut that out.”

    The Irishman has also had an eventful week…

    … involving two five-star wins, a third in the grand prix and a tack malfunction.

    Cian was riding Callisto in the championat on the second day of the competition. As the bay gelding landed over the second part of the double at fence six it quickly became clear that something was wrong.

    “When I was going down the line he just got strong and the leather connector [attaching the rein] to the pelham broke,” he said.

    “I felt it straight away and I though ‘oh god, my leg if I fall off’ so I quickly turned him and got him reasonably slow and then just popped off.

    “It happened quickly but I knew I had to get off him fast because if he realised I didn’t have control he would have bolted.”

    Lucky both horse and rider were uninjured and went on to win the CSI5* 1.55m on the penultimate day.

    The horses have a red carpet — well they are VIPs — and here is how they keep it clean…

    Rio medallists were back on song…

    Peder Fredricson’s Rio 2016 individual silver medal-winning ride H&M All In (“Allan”) is back on form after months on the sidelines over the winter.

    “I’m very happy with my horse,” said Peder, who also won a five-star class at in Hamburg last month with the 11-year-old gelding.

    “He had a long break after the Olympic Games, he didn’t compete for six months because he had stomach surgery and now he is back and feels good.”

    Laura Kraut and her lovely new ride Whitney are already forming a formidable team…

    In the two months that Laura has been competing the 14-year-old chestnut mare, the combination have had two wins and two top-10 finishes at five-star shows, including the Glock’s accumultor.

    “Anything I ask of her she does,” said the US rider.

    “She is really cute — she is funny and definitely a diva. If she thinks you have treats she is all over you, but she is super opinionated also.”

    Glock’s is a great place to catch-up on Horse & Hound…

    It’s also an ideal place to grab a celebrity selfie…

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    Brit Lara Whiteway had a dramatic time…

    The 23-year-old was last to go with Bellagio II in the CSI2* 1.40m speed class on Saturday and very nearly didn’t make it.

    The taxi she was travelling in was involved in a minor crash on the way to the showground. Luckily nobody was injured, but Lara and her team had to wait for the police and give statements.

    “I thought ‘there is no chance I’m going to make it for the class’,” said Lara.

    “I still had to pay for the taxi after all that!”

    After footing the €18 bill, Lara dashed to get the horse ready and had five minutes to warm up ahead of her winning round.

    “This show is just amazing —I’ve never been anywhere like it,” she added.

    While fellow GBR rider Laura Renwick had a great week…

    Her seven-year-old Alothain De Blondel picked up a win and a third place in the young horse tour, while Laura also took home third in the CSI5* two-phase aboard Bintang II on the final day.

    Riders were unanimous in their praise for the show…

    “It is unbelievable, you can’t really describe it — it is just out of this world,” said Laura Renwick, who was enjoying her third trip to Glock’s.

    “To me it is something you look forward to and when you get that call you think ‘yes!’

    Laura Kraut was equally enthralled by the venue.

    “It is magnificent — people tried to tell me last week what to expect and you just can’t unless you see it for yourself,” she said.

    Sergio Alvarez Moya was full of praise for the organisers.

    “It is an amazing place for the horses, riders, grooms and owners,” he said. “Everything is fantastic they take super care — I am so happy I was able to come here, so I say thanks and I hope they continue this show for a long time!”

    Don’t miss the full report from Glock’s CSI5* in this week’s issue of Horse & Hound — out Thursday (21 June)

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