Get the look: how to dress like Emily King

Elegant and stylish, it is no surprise to learn that much of Emily King’s riding attire comes from Italy. We find out which brands and styles can be discovered in the event rider’s wardrobe and tack room — and why

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Get the look: Emily King in competition


Ariat Air Grip gloves

Emily says: “I am a big fan of these gloves as they have a good sticky grip and a mesh on the top of the glove which is great in the summer as it provides ventilation and stops me having sweaty hands. They are also durable, can be washed in a normal washing machine and look smart.”

Price: £29.99

BUY NOW: Ariat Air Grip gloves


Ray-Ban RB3447N Sunglasses

Emily says: “I’d never go to a show without them, I hate walking courses squinting away from the sun! Plus these awesome Ray-Bans are purple which match my cross-country colours.”

Price: from £82.50

BUY NOW: Ray-Ban RB3447N Sunglasses

Lip balm

Forever Aloe Lips with Jojoba

Emily says: “I keep this lip balm in my jacket pocket at all times at shows. It’s brilliant for quickly applying in the wind and rain.”

Price: £40.99 for 12

BUY NOW: Forever Aloe Lips with Jojoba


Adidas Women’s SST Track jacket

Emily says: “Super easy and handy to pull on over your shirt between phases, whatever the weather.”

Price: from £36.22

BUY NOW: Adidas Women’s SST Track jacket


Ariat Monaco Stretch Field Tall boots

Emily says: “These boots are really comfy and have a special sole with good grip. Some boots can stretch and become baggy but these retain their shape, are durable and look smart. I wear them for all three phases.”

Price: £659.99


Cavalleria Toscana GP riding jacket (burgundy)

Emily says: “Cavalleria Toscana were a fashion brand before they branched out into horse wear so the materials and cuts they use are amazing. I love the colour of this jacket although it comes in lots of colours. It fits so well and you don’t need to dry clean it, you can put it on a cold wash in the washing machine.”

Price: £445


Cavalleria Toscana Grip System Breeches in competition white

Emily says: “As with the jacket, these breeches are really good quality and last forever – you never get broken zips or tears. They fit perfectly and you can get them in a range of colours. They also have a brilliant grip system which helps you stay even more secure in the saddle.”

Price: £225


Cavalleria Toscana Ribbed Collar shirt

Emily says: “As with all Cavalleria Toscana clothes, these stock shirts fit beautifully and are really elegant. They are made from high quality material so they last forever.”

Price: £130


Kep Cromo Python helmet

Emily says: “I can’t fault this helmet, it is one of the safest around. It’s so protective, fits well and is comfortable. It has good ventilation around the side too.”

Price: from £520


Cavalleria Toscana Stretch Cross belt in black

Emily says: “There are no holes in this belt, you just put the buckle pin straight through the stretchy webbing material that it’s made from so it’s really adjustable. It’s great as however much you are moving when you are riding it doesn’t restrict your movement but it stops your jodhpurs from falling down!”

Price: £75

Get the look: Emily King on the yard


Ariat Heritage IV Zip H2O Ladies Paddock boot

Emily says: “These boots are great, particularly in the winter when it’s cold and muddy. They are comfortable, easy to clean and look smart.”

Price: from £129.99

BUY NOW: Ariat Heritage IV Zip H2O Ladies Paddock boot


Ariat Insulated Tek Grip

Emily says: “These gloves are perfect for winter as they are waterproof and insulated so it stops you from getting cold and wet hands and your fingers from going numb!”

Price: from £20.22

BUY NOW: Ariat Insulated Tek Grip


Hiho Silver jewellery

Emily says: “Hiho make beautiful jewellery with an equestrian twist and it is so versatile. I ride in necklaces, bracelets and rings in all weathers and they never break, get damaged or start to wear and I also wear them if I go out in an evening as they are a great addition to a smart outfit.”

Price: from £20

BUY NOW: Hiho Silver jewellery


Roma Gel Crop

Emily says: “These whips have great squidgy handles which means they are easier to hold onto. They are also very lightweight and come in many colours.”

Price: from £9.87

BUY NOW: Roma Gel Crop


Cavalleria Toscana Kendo polo

Emily says: “These base layers are stretchy, durable and very warm. They are practical around the yard but still look smart.”

Price: £130


Cavalleria Toscana waffle tech sweater

Emily says: “As with the polo this is comfortable, long-lasting and fits well. It’s also black so it doesn’t matter if it gets dirty.”

Price: £285


Cavalieria Toscana triple hooded jacket

Emily says: “This jacket is so nice and warm and has a great hood too.”

Price: £285

Among other brands, Emily King is sponsored by Cavalleria Toscana, Hi Ho Silver and Ariat

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