Get the look: how to dress like Anna Ross

  • Dressage riders are renowned for their elegant and classic appearance. Read on to see which brands and looks help keep Anna Ross at the top of her game both in competition and at home

    Get the look: Anna Ross in competition



    Pikeur ladies dressage tailcoat Shadbelly — high wool

    Anna says: “With a tailcoat it’s all about the fit and these just fit so well, both on and off the horse. Often it looks nice when you are on foot but then doesn’t sit right when you are on the horse, but this hangs nicely in both situations. The Pikeur tailcoats also have extra weight in the tails to stop them flying around when you are riding.”

    Price: £409.95

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    Pikeur Candela breeches

    Anna says: “These breeches are high waisted which means they sit nicely under a tailcoat and also keep my belly in! As well as fitting nicely, they also look smart. I prefer the grippy seat rather than the fake leather one.”

    Price: from £147.55

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    Pikeur ladies competition shirt

    Anna says: “For me it’s important that the shirt is long enough to stay tucked in when you’re riding as it’s annoying if it keeps coming untucked. They have nice detailing on them and come in a range of colours, although I always make sure the bits on show are white. I wear both long and short sleeved ones.”

    Price: from £46.30

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    Roeckl Julia winter riding gloves

    Anna says: “I wear the winter style gloves all year round and these are the only gloves I will ride in. I broke my hand a few years ago and now have slightly less grip on one side, but you don’t notice in these gloves. They are really hard wearing and as soon as you put your hands in they are warm. Everyone is wearing them because they are the best.”

    Price: from £37.08

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    Anna says: “This hat is completely bespoke to me so it fits perfectly and has some subtle detailing to tie in with the red collar on my jacket. Their hats are comfortable, light and have good ventilation so you don’t get a sweaty head. I am quite precious about it so will only wear it in competition.”

    Price: €295


    Polo Passage from Celeris

    Anna says: “Like all Celeris boots, these ones are great quality and look really smart. They are bespoke to me so they fit perfectly and I also like the touch of bling, which ties in with my browband!”

    Price: £700


    Peachy Belts

    Anna says: “In dressage everyone looks the same so I like the fact that these belts bring a bit of individuality to the sport, it’s nice to put your own spin on things. They are Italian so are great quality and the buckles are detachable so you can have a lot of fun with them. I have a lucky diamante buckle which I like to use in competition.”

    Price: various

    Anna around the yard



    Pikeur Sina ladies polo neck top

    Anna says: “These tops are really warm but are lightweight – they are like base layers. I like to layer up when it’s cold so they work well for that. They also come in lots of different colours.”

    Price: from £26.72

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    Jacket (for riding)

    Cavallo Jessika jacket

    Anna says: “I prefer short jackets with zips for riding in as they are easy to take on and off. These are also nice and warm and don’t restrict movement when on a horse.”

    Price: from £158.29

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    Jacket (for teaching)

    Pikeur Raissa long down coat

    Anna says: “I like to wear short jackets for riding and long jackets for teaching. This coat is my favourite as it comes in a gorgeous blackberry colour and is made from real down so is very warm. I also read the leaflet which came with the coat and it said no chickens were harmed in the making of it so I’m happy about that.”

    Price: £289.95

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    Pikeur Lugana breeches

    Anna says: “These jodhpurs have a double pocket which is really handy and they also have a bit of bling – which I love! I prefer to wear dark coloured breeches around the yard as I don’t really have the legs for white ones. They also have elastic bottoms which I prefer to Velcro as I find that scratchy.”

    Price: from £89.99

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    Pikeur ladies knitted faux fur pom pom bobble hat

    Anna says: “These hats are great as they are not woolly inside so they don’t give me an itchy head. They are nice and warm and come in a range of colours, although I tend to prefer blues and browns.”

    Price: from £20.16

    BUY NOW: Pikeur ladies knitted faux fur pom pom bobble hat

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    Bia from Celeris boots

    Anna says: “The boots are amazeballs. They are totally bespoke and apparently it takes two men to make each pair – I like the sound of that! There are 62 different types, but mine are Bia and they lace up the front. Most people’s calves are different sizes so it’s great to have bespoke boots which are made to measure. The laces also help if your weight fluctuates. The comfort and fit is incredible.”

    Price: from £700

    Anna is sponsored by Pikeur, Roekl, Celeris, Antares and Peachy Belts among others.

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