Get jumping with these 7 unmissable training and competition opportunities

  • If you want to show off or practice your showjumping skills take a look at these competitions and clear round training shows you need to enter

    Senior British Showjumping

    Date: 16 June
    Venue: Keysoe, Bedfordshire
    Details: “This show features classes from clear round and British Novice up to 1.30m.”
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    Unaffiliated summer showjumping series

    Date: 16 June
    Venue: Buryhill Competition Centre, near Swindon
    Details: “This competition has an all-day clear round plus classes ranging from 1ft-1ft6 up to 3ft3 with sunshine tour, Cricklands and Trailblazer qualifiers. There is a £12 cash prize available to the winner of each class if there are more than six entries.”
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    Unaffiliated showjumping

    Date: 17 June
    Venue: Forest Edge Arena, Swaffham
    Details: “This event has a cross poles clear round and then classes ranging from 40cm up to 1.10m.”
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    Power X show

    Date: 17 June
    Venue: Inchcoonans Competition & Livery Yard, Errol
    Details: “This event offers classes ranging in height from 30cm poles on the ground and cross poles up to 95cm. Each class has an optimum time in which rounds must be completed in with corresponding faults awarded.”
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    Stride into Monday

    Date: 18 June
    Venue: Mare and Foal Sanctuary, Coombe Park
    Details: “This weekly jump day features a course of showjumps which can be jumped between 8am and 8pm. It is £15 per horse for 45 minutes.”
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    Clear round showjumping

    Date: 21 June
    Venue: Kingston Maurward College, Dorchester
    Details: “This clear round happens between 5.30pm and 8pm in an indoor arena. Starting at 2ft, the course gradually goes up in height to 3ft and above after 7.30pm.”
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    British Showjumping

    Date: 24 June
    Venue: Holmside Hall Equestrian, Durham
    Details: “This show features classes from clear round and 80cm up to 1.30m.”
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