Up your game with these 7 great training opportunities

  • If you want to brush up on your skills and your horse’s technique, take a look at this great selection of clinics on offer to a wide range of abilities

    Arena eventing clinic

    Date: 8 April
    Venue: Hendra Paul Farm, Newquay
    Details: “This popular arena cross-country clinic was so busy in March we have put on another for you. It will be taught by Emily Vincent, who is renowned for her calm and easy approach to all things equine. She has trained and competed many horses in British Dressage (BD), British Showjumping (BS) and British Eventing (BE). With all this under her belt she can offer you a wide range of experience. The session will be approximately 75 minutes long, the course will consist of portables and simulated cross-country jumps, corners, skinnies, steps, angles, and brushes. The advantage of this clinic is that you can experience some of the turns, twists and challenges you may meet when out on a cross-country course without the danger of open fields. You can practise your approaches, take-offs and landings in a controlled environment to get you going. This clinic can also be very beneficial for younger, less experienced horses. Groups will consist of four horses and riders of similar ability.”
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    Showjump course riding and pole clinic

    Date: 8 April
    Venue: Darknoll Farm, Blandford Forum
    Details: “This clinic is especially for those who have no desire to leave the ground, or for those wanting to jump but are not quite ready just yet and wish to prepare to do so at a later date. Moira will hold this session with poles on the ground, to improve straightness and will raise the poles to become jumps for those who wish to do so. Moira is a great instructor at every level and prides herself in persuading the most nervous of riders. So if it is a while since you last jumped, have lost confidence, or want to start from scratch, this is for you! She will really build your confidence.”
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    Dressage training

    Date: 8 April
    Venue: Easter Rattray Equestrian Centre, Blairgowrie
    Details: “This is training with Matt Burnett, an an international grand prix dressage rider whose sympathetic and easy-to-digest approach is enjoyed by both horse and riders. He has trained with Carl Hester, Peter Storr, Emile Faurie, Rosie Moreton-Deakin and Conrad Schumacher and his competition experience includes BS up to 1.30m level, young dressage horse competitions, and competing in BD up to international small tour level.”
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    Showjumping clinic

    Date: 10 April
    Venue: Beaver Hall, Leek
    Details: “Vicky Bentley is on the British Horse Society register of instructors. UKCC Level 2, and working towards level 3. Vicky has 17 years of coaching experience and has trained with top riders. She has been British Eventing (BE) eventing for eight years with numerous top 10 placings. She also trains horses for other people. These lessons are great for new combinations, starting young horses or just for building your confidence. All ages and levels catered for.”
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    Flatwork clinic

    Date: 20 April
    Venue: Four Elms Livery, Edenbridge
    Details: “Leanne is one of Limpsfield Riding Club’s most popular trainers and teaches at all levels, whether you want to improve your dressage scores, perfect your transitions or work on your position. All lessons are 45 minutes long and spectators are welcome — there is always a kettle on and cake available to riders, crew and watchers. You can learn so much by watching others fix issues that you may have with your own horse.”
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    Dressage to music floor plans and music day

    Date: 23 April
    Venue: Resparveth Riding School, Truro
    Details: “In this session a local dressage to music expert will work with you and your horse on floor plans and music ideas. Following this session you can either go it alone and produce your own music and final floor plan or you can choose to continue to hire the expert’s services who will work with you and produce your final floor plan and music CD for an additional fee. After this you will be well equipped to go and dance with your horse in music tests. We also will have refreshments available.”
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    Dressage clinic

    Date: 27 April
    Venue: Sheepgate Equestrian
    Details: “This dressage training session with Darryl Thickitt is offered for riders of all levels, from the novice rider with a young or green horse through to an advanced dressage competitor or eventer. Darryl takes a very simple approach and strives to gain the best out of every combination. If you are looking for a friendly approach with personal attention at all times, dressage clinics with Darryl can offer this.”
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