When famous riders collide: welcome to the H&H face-smash quiz

  • If the sight of a carpet covered in mince pie crumbs, plates full of unwanted Brussels sprouts and half-eaten turkey sandwiches, and overflowing recycling bins full of wrapping paper is driving you to despair, it’s time to escape from it all with the Horse & Hound Christmas quiz!

    Yes, it’s time to kick those brain cells back in to action and this year we’ve brought you something fiendish to ponder over before the sound of stomping hooves means it’s time to head back out to the stables.

    Can you guess which two leading riders appear in each of these six pictures? We’ve blended together the faces of some of the sport’s top names and the result is, quite frankly, terrifying.

    But can you work out who is who in each photo? Scroll down for the answers (and let us know how you score)…

    1. (Clue: they have both won gold medals in their discipline)

    2. (Clue: both competed at the London 2012 Olympics)

    3. (Clue: eventing is the game, but can you guess the names?)

    4. (Clue: two legends of the sport)

    5. (Clue: both are currently ranked in the top five in the world rankings)

    6. (Clue: both have won the Hickstead Derby more than once)

    Scroll down to check your answers…

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    1. Dressage supremos Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester (the top half is Charlotte, the bottom half is Carl).

    2. Showjumping gold medallists Ben Maher and Scott Brash (the face belongs to Ben, the eyes are Scott’s).

    3. Eventing champions William Fox-Pitt and Michael Jung (it is William’s face with Michael’s eyes)

    4. Showjumping brothers Michael Whitaker and John Whitaker (the face is Michael’s, the eyes belong to older brother John)

    5. Eventing stars Piggy French and Tim Price (Tim’s face with Piggy’s hair)

    6. Showjumpers Nick Skelton and William Funnell (it is a mash-up of both their faces)

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