An opinionated mare, a fire-snorting pony and the five-star horse who eats a pastry every morning — 14 fun quotes to remind us of eventing in June 2019

  • It’s so tempting, isn’t it? It looks like the aborted 2020 eventing season is just around the corner and about to kick off, but we’re not quite there yet. Be patient, eventing fans, and in the meantime have a read of some of the wonderful gems that event riders gave Horse & Hound’s reporters during June 2019…

    “She’s a girl – she has her opinion and can be stressy, and that can come out in a bullish way, but she really wants to do it” — Izzy Taylor on Tattersalls CCI4*-L winner PSH Gazelle

    “He’s been a wild child – hard to handle with a lot of raw talent. He’s been my favourite horse for a long time, so all that work and a few tears has been worth it” — Dan Jocelyn on Blackthorn Cruise, runner-up in the CCI4*-L at Tattersalls

    “She’s a madam — there’s a reason Jonelle gave her to me to ride. She’s extreme physically and mentally and it’s about channelling that and picking your time to go for it” — Tim Price on Tattersalls CCI4*-S winner Ascona M, the former ride of his wife Jonelle, who went on to win the CCI5* at Luhmühlen later in the month (pictured)

    “I saw her advertised on the internet. My mum thought she looked like she was snorting fire and couldn’t trot, but when we got there, it took one look at her face to be convinced” — Ibble Watson on the reaction of her mother (former top-level rider Erica) to Bookhamlodge Pennylane, third in the national pony championship at Brand Hall

    “I took the reins in the spring because she doesn’t like competing in the mud. I don’t think Stephanie will be getting the ride back. He’s small but mighty” — Wills Oakden on taking over from his wife on Cooley Cadbury, an intermediate runner-up at Belsay

    “The injury left me unable to grip with my hands and I had to wear a neck cage to hold my vertebrae together. When the cage came off, I developed a ‘now or never’ attitude. I would encourage everyone, no matter what age, to never give up on their dreams. My dream came true and I am still on cloud nine” — Janine Collishaw, a BE90 winner at Tweseldown, on having surgery 12 years ago to repair a fracture in her neck

    “I’ve never been on a holiday abroad – all my leave goes on training and competing” — Rosemary Myers, 62, who works full-time for the NHS and celebrated a win at Shelford Manor on her 14hh Connemara, Easter Star II

    “I know it sounds silly, because I’ve become world number one, which in itself was a bit of a surprise, but it feels like I’m still trying to break my way into the sport” — the ever-modest Tim Price after victory at Luhmühlen

    “I was trying to grab an inch and I lost the win – it was no fault of the horse, just over-enthusiasm from me” — Alex Bragg on taking an upright at an angle in the showjumping at Luhmühlen to ensure he was inside the time with Zagreb, but in the process having it down to drop to third

    “He’s always been keen across country and that’s something I’ve had to manage – our tactics are now that I warm up three hours before I’m due to go, then put him away. Then when I get back on, I trot to the cross-country and go straight out of the start box to help keep him calm – although it’s quite nerve-racking for me!” — George Hilton-Jones on Efraim, after the rider finished best British five-star first-timer at Luhmühlen

    “He’s my only horse and lives at my house in California – he eats a pastry every morning and really is part of my family” — US rider Frankie Thieriot Stutes on Chatwin,  fourth at Luhmühlen on the horse and rider’s five-star debut

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    “She’s very bright, very sharp and the first fence in the warm-up is a complete joke – we literally have to put it on the floor because she’ll spook and buck over it” — Gemma Tattersalls on Bolesworth eventing grand prix winner Santiago Bay

    “He does everything well — he’s a great competition horse – but he’s not so easy on the floor. He was cut late and likes his own space” — Kitty King on Nunney CCI3*-S winner Cristal Fontaine

    “I wasn’t stylish but she knows where the red and white flags are and I just trust her” — Kirsty Johnston on her fourth place in the Event Rider Masters at Orville on WTTL Opposition Sky Law

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