Eventing in numbers: a 14 dressage score, a 23-year-old winner and one dominant nation

Dates: 25-31 May, 13th week of the 2015 season

The basics

Number of British Eventing (BE) fixtures: six (Tweseldown (2), Shelford Manor (2), Houghton, Scotsburn, Borde Hill and Brand Hall)
Number of BE sections run this week: 82
Number of FEI sections run in Britain this week: six
Event with most sections: Shelford Manor (24)
Number of BE sections run so far this year: 956
Number of combined BE and FEI sections run so far this year: 984
Number of BE fixtures run so far this year: 65

Best dressage scores

Whisper Dunno

Tweseldown: 14, for Bryony Whittington and Burlington Cartier, who took seventh in BE100 sec M after nine showjumping faults and 9.2 cross-country time-penalties
Shelford Manor: 22, scored by Heidi Coy on Riversdale Magic Heart, winners of BE100 under-18 section N
Scotsburn: 21.5, for Claire Smith on Britts Vriend, who then had a showjump down and six cross-country time-faults for the runner-up spot in BE100 section C
Borde Hill: 16.4, scored by Hannah Rix and Whisper Dunno in BE100 section G — but their stop across country left them 23rd
Brand Hall: 18.5, for Eleanor Harding riding High Havoc, who led the dressage in open novice section M but were eliminated across country

Speedy gonzales

1: number of pairs who beat the 4min 51sec optimum time in the intermediate sections at Tweseldown — the speedy pair were Anna Hanson and Troef Van De Vive La Vie, third in section intermediate T
0: number of horses who made the 4min 3sec optimum time in the BE100 sections at Borde Hill. The fastest was Chequers, ridden by Hannah Pack, who had 1.6 time-faults
3: number of riders who came home inside the 4min 47sec optimum time in the novice sections at Borde Hill. They were Andrew James (Jazz Concerto), Ellie Duggan (Doolnaboy Jay) and Katie Cabourne (Fatima Blush)
2: number of horses in the CIC* at Brand Hall who made the 6min time — Fernhill Rock Star (Bubby Upton) and Fleetwood Mac V (Chelsea Round)

And also…


4: number of starters in the open novice at Scotsburn — two of them finished
3: number of sections at Shelford Manor with a 100% completion rate
56: percentage of top-three places in the three senior classes at Houghton taken by German riders
14.8: winning margin of the German Nations Cup team at Houghton over the British quartet
23: age of Susan Eggleton’s Nachtigall, the open intermediate winner at Tweseldown
3: number of pairs who finished on their dressage score in the British National Pony Championship at Brand Hall — Isabel White and Daydream Fourteen (second), Phoebe Locke and Quay (third) and Harriet Wright and Foxtown Cufflink (fourth)
2: number of doubles scored at Borde Hill — by Andrew James and Tomas Cousillas

FEI Nations Cup™ Eventing Houghton Hall

Further afield

8: number of FEI classes run at Tattersalls last weekend
3: number of places Kitty King moved up after dressage to win the CCI3* at Tattersalls on Ceylor LAN

Full reports from Tweseldown, Houghton, Brand Hall and Tattersalls in H&H this week, out Thursday, 4 June 2015.

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